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Is your staff stressed out?  Are your employees missing work?

Corporate Stress Management, Meditation Workshop for Business and Mindfulness Seminars for Business will provide your staff the tools to:

  • Listen, communicate, and express themselves more effectively.
  • Reduce tension and stress with simple techniques that can be mastered easily and quickly.
  • Increase overall health and wellness by reducing high blood pressure, hypertension and insomnia.
  • Focus and concentrate the mind to be more effective in projects and get things done in less time.

"When I was told our retreat was going to host a segment on the benefits of using meditation to relieve stress I was skeptical. I've heard it's calming, and beneficial, but Greg was able to actually bring us concrete evidence on the health benefits. After a short time into the talk - it all made perfect sense. Then Greg actually walked us through and we actively participated in a meditation. When it was over, I was so surprised at how well I felt. It was like a short power nap in the middle of the day. Greg gave me the tools I need to continue this powerful program - just my focused mind! I encourage all groups (businesses, Mom's, spiritual gatherings) to try the meditation workshop. You'll be happy you did!"

Maureen Birdsall, CEO, Birdsall Interative, 

    New scientific research on meditation is showing the remarkable positive effects on our mind & body. People of all age groups have started taking interest in meditation and mindfulness. There are even management schools where meditation is being taught as a compulsory subject. Classes of meditation are being conducted in every part of the world. The most modern doctors of the world's best health institutions are recommending the daily practice of meditation to their patients. What was once considered a part of religion, is now taking a center stage in our most demanding worldly activities. Meditation has now become globally recognized as an essential tool for stress reduction and mental peace. You can learn more about our 90 minute meditation workshop or our longer multi-week meditation classes by click on the link.

"I took Greg's Meditation for Business class with an open mind having never experienced any form of meditation. His simplistic approach was very helpful and his knowledge impressive. I found myself easily acquiring two of his techniques into my daily life. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Thanks Greg!"

Steve Springer, Owner and CEO, Springer Collision Centers,

    Our meditation workshops and meditation seminars for business are taught in a comfortable environment with just the right mix of intellectual learning and experience.  Students leave the meditation class feeling better and equipped with the tools they need to reduce stress, practice meditation at home and mindfulness in the office.

Corporate Meditation Workshop


 "I have been a martial arts instructor for over fifteen years and we incorporate meditation into each and every class, but I have never had as profound an experience meditating as in Greg's meditation workshop for business. His easy-to-follow guidelines make meditation and mindfulness easy for anyone. I highly recommend this program."

~ Hunter Elkins, President, Elkins Retail Advertising,

“A recent study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers showed that those companies who made employees feel 'looked after' and took a proactive approach towards the well-being of their staff suffered significantly less from absenteeism.”