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Stress Management and Corporate Meditation Workshop Course Offerings:

Introduction to Meditation - 90 Minute Meditation Workshop

This ninety minute introductory class explains the causes of stress, the stress response and what can be done about it. We then cover the basics of how meditation works for everyday folks and how it can be used to remove stress and create a sense of well-being. Participants are taught and practice two meditation techniques during the class. Every person leaves this meditation workshop with the ability to reduce their stress levels using meditation, even if they never take another training session. This class can be reduced to 60 minutes depending on the needs and availability of the students.
Cost: $400 Introductory Price $250

Meditation Workshop Students

Stress Management through Meditation – Ten Week Program

Your staff will experience how meditation can help them: manage stress & reduce anxiety, increase productivity and effectiveness, improve relationships, create inner peace and enhance well-being, increase their energy, focus and concentration, enhance sleep and lower blood pressure and start living with a greater sense of ease, joy and passion. This eight week meditation class will introduce them to various meditation and stress management practices including mindfulness and breath awareness. The course will provide your employees with a foundation and the tools for a lifelong meditation practice. All of the techniques are hands-on and experiential, and participants are asked to discuss their experiences throughout the course. By the end of the course, the student will have learned a broad spectrum of major meditation techniques and be able to implement these stress reducing practices in their daily routine.
Cost: $3,500. Introductory Price $2,250

Ongoing Meditation “Drop In” Sessions

Ongoing sessions are offered to companies that want to provide their employees a consistent resource and space to continue their meditation and stress management techniques at their campus. Each session is facilitated by a Certified Meditation Instructor and can be provided weekly, biweekly or even monthly. The sessions can be available on a “drop in” basis for the employees and can be held before work, after work or during the lunch hour.
Cost: Based upon frequency and structure of program.

Customized Services

We can develop any employee meditation program to meet your company’s specific needs. We are also available for half-day and full-day rates to conduct sessions at corporate retreats, training/incentive seminars, and industry conferences.

Meetings, Retreats and Conferences

We are also available to conduct our popular “Meditation Workshop” seminars at your convention or meeting site. The workshop can be from 60 minutes to 4 hours depending upon the specifics of your event. We can also hold Meditation Workshops repeatedly as a track during conferences.

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“A recent study conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers showed that those companies who made employees feel 'looked after' and took a proactive approach towards the well-being of their staff suffered significantly less from absenteeism.”